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underwater photo film school review endorsement liquid motion academy cozumel
Mitch Yankowitz
Hollywood, LA, 2017

"This was the best week of diving and underwater photography of my life!"

"I’m a decent photographer, diving all over the world since the age of 12, and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had".

"Guy worked closely with me and my equipment, teaching me the finer points of shooting in raw/ manual mode, composition, lighting, and  working with both my wide-angle and macro wet lenses. He gave me excellent guidance how to approach many sea creatures without spooking them to get the best photos, and spent the afternoons teaching me how best to enhance them in Adobe Light Room and Photoshop.

I highly recommend anyone wishing to improve their underwater photography skills to spend a week with Guy in the beautiful pristine waters off the coast of Cozumel...." MORE





cozumel underwater photo film school reviewBernat Garrigos
Spain, 2017

"I've been on other trips and courses with 'professional underwater photographers' over the years, but they have never been at this high level of education and learning".

"I took on filming a documentary, from underwater production to finally achieving a final cut, with an effective story, music, sounds, narration, everything! The experience has been amazing! I have never learnt so much in such a short time!"

"The training was 100% the best I could expect. Guy is always at your disposal during the process, diving for you and not just with you. He is a constant source of good information, from diving, filming to editing. He knew right away where I could improve, and my course was completely adapted to my needs. Anita makes everything work perfectly. What a wonderful team! I recommend them so much!...." MORE





liquid motion film easy peasy films hollywood
Nigel Hudson
Easy Peasy Films
Hollywood LA, 2017

"My company Easy Peasy Films specialises in underwater filming, and being up to date with all the latest and best skills are vital to my business".

"Liquid Motion's Guy Chaumette is a highly trained Filmmaker and Instructor, considered by most as one of the very best in the profession. I was honoured to dive and film alongside him. He helped me hone my diving techniques, and he gave a me a new set of skills, that I will be able use for life"

“If you are looking for valued, trusted and completely professional cinematography training, Liquid Motion Academy in Cozumel is the only place to go.

I was extremely pleased with their services, professionalism, and the unique one-on-one care given to each of their patrons.  Whether you are a novice interested in learning underwater film, or an industry professional honing your skills, all their services are designed and customized to fit your needs.  I can guarantee you, you will be more than satisfied...." MORE




liquid motion academy cozumel underwater filmmaking courses karan saini
Karan Saini
USA/Dubai, 2017

"I chose Liquid Motion Academy over The L.A. Film School, because I wanted to learn more than just filmmaking; I wanted to learn the art of film - stories, creation with freedom, how to portray emotion, how to make a difference. It’s incredible how much I learnt about filmmaking and photography, on land and underwater, in such a short time!".

"Everything about the teaching is tailored and adapted to you. The Academy gives you a totally different perspective towards every aspect of photography and film, while giving you the freedom to grow, create, and choose your own. It was refreshing that I did not have to follow a schedule or adapt to anyone else's agenda; instead LMA understood what I was seeking and adapted to me constantly with regards to my speed of learning, my interests and my time".

"I highly recommend LMA to anyone, whether beginner or professional, on land or underwater. It was a uniquely productive journey, and an amazing, highly personalized experience - exactly what I wanted".. ...." MORE





Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Photo Film School Review
Kat Green
Wonderfly Films
Hollywood, LA, 2016

"Guy Chaumette is a world class filmmaker".  

"I hired him for the underwater cinematography for my film The Big Swim, where he not only took my shot list and direction very well, but managed to get everything we needed from an unpredictable environment, including shooting my actress with bull sharks!"  

"I was very impressed by his ability to train and work with my actors to ensure their safety, as well as capture the most beautiful, choreographed cinematography and dramatic elements needed to fulfill the story of the film underwater"

"The footage is just beautiful, and he also gave us a lot to work with and cut together to create the best dramatic scenes under the sea.  I will most definitely work with him and Anita again, as well as highly recommend them to other US film production companies.  Guy and Anita Chaumette and Liquid Motion Film are top notch."




Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Photo Film School Review

Jeremy Cohen
USA 2016

"Enlightened teaching, that raises the bar in photography instruction..."

"Liquid Motion Academy teaching adheres to a fundamental principle I’ve learned in thirty-five years of higher education teaching and senior administration. There is no substitute for one-on-one personalized instruction delivered hands-on by a master artisan."

"Every detail was tailored to me, and focused always on what, to me, is most important. Far from formalistic, Guy Chaumette took into consideration my diving history, my photographic strengths and opportunities for growth, my current photo kit, and my familiarity, or lack thereof, with cutting edge editing, lighting, and point-of-view subject development.  Across ten days of image making, the pace was always tailored to my personal interests, aptitude and energy. In Cozumel I had the opportunity to fully envelop myself in the joyful, challenging, and in very special moments, all-encompassing work of doing photography".   

"Guy’s enlightened teaching, supported by Anita’s welcoming attention to detail that makes Academy attendance worry-free, raises the bar in photography instruction and has opened for me new vistas of where I can take my image-making, topside as well as underwater....." MORE





Liquid Motion Film Kimberly Leemans The Big Swim Kimberly Leemans
Hollywood, LA, 2016

"I just had the most wonderful experience of filming a movie that required underwater shots, including a scene with Bull Sharks. The challenge of having to communicate underwater, while scuba diving, and handling the elements couldn't have gone smoother or easier without my wonderful underwater Film Director Guy".

"Guy's level of expertise and attention to safety, from start to finish, let me easily trust him with my life and my performance. The footage that I was able to see before the final edit looks absolutely unbelievable!

"Not only did he help me make memories of a lifetime, he made me look great making them!"

"I'm so looking forwards to a sequel, or to work on any project with him in the future.... Merci Guy!"




Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel
Indman (EdD, MFT) Group,
California, 2015


"I can't seem to find the words for all the emotions I'm feeling. I made it home filled with joy and love from this trip. It's been a week of fantastic experiences on so many different levels”.

“The Philosophy of the Academy is different to anything I’ve ever experienced before”.

"Working with Guy, meeting Anita and Crystelle, the private film showing, the turtles....what an experience.  We'll be talking about it forever. Really, there are no words to describe the joy and happiness I feel about this trip, and the big role you (all 3) played in making it absolutely wonderful.

Thank you again for a life-changing experience and thank you for having such open hearts.. This surface interval is already way too long"...... MORE





Liquid Motion Endorsement

Leo Anibal
Cozumel 2015

"You opened our world, by being who you are and doing what you love".

" What you have done for us, is far beyond all expectations".

"Not only did you deliver, you created something we thought was impossible.

The preparation with your team, the organization on the boat and under water.....  its not about the camera - you are true professionals. It is a blessing Cozumel has you on the island.

To anyone that is interested in underwater photography or underwater video, give Guy a call!: UNDERWATER WOW!!!...."MORE




Liquid Motion Academy reviews
Jana Johnson MD

"What wonderful memories of a fantastic adventure!"....

"When I booked the one week Underwater Photographer course with Liquid Motion Academy in Cozumel, I expected good instruction and diving practice - what I got was so much more".

"Guy is truly a teacher and an artist, whose passion for his work is clear.
He has a unique ability to convey his techniques and sensibilities, both in “topside” instruction and on the reefs below.
I am a much better photographer and even a better diver for taking this course. I could not recommend it more highly".

"I am relatively new to underwater photography. Guy brought his professional experience and vast knowledge of this field to my course. His unique methods allowed me to learn fundamentals I needed, then discover the underwater world in entirely new ways"..... MORE




Team Novo Nordisk LIquid Motion

Phil Southerland
CEO, Team Type 1

"The Liquid Motion Academy team was unbelievable to work with. 
Besides delivering an amazing finished product, they were a true joy to work with, and had an amazing team. The team all worked in sync to capture the best moments for Team Novo Nordisk".

"Our company will gladly work with them again, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for amazing photography/video for any purpose". "
Whether it is professional sport, corporate, parties, or simply special time with family, I know they will give you the very best of both professionalism and memories...."

Phil Southerland is the CEO of "Team Novo Nordisk", a global sports team of cyclists, triathletes and runners, spearheaded by the world’s first ‘all-diabetes’ Professional Cycling Team. With nearly 100 athletes from over 20 countries, the team has competed in more than 500 global events this year alone.




Liquid motio lifewaters

Pec Indman
USA 2015

"Dear Friends at Liquid Motion Academy,

I’m sitting on the airplane heading home, editing photos from my trip to Cozumel.   I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the work you do.  Your passion and enthusiasm shine through all you do.

The philosophy of the Academy was different than anything I’ve ever experienced.  You explained working with a camera in a way that was so easy to understand.  The underwater work was so much fun and enlightening.... That first day was so incredibly helpful that I came back for a second!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for an incredible experience! It will be with me forever! I can’t wait to come back and work with you again"...... MORE




Liquid motio lifewaters

Charley Wright

...."It was a absolute pleasure working Liquid Motion Academy. We would never have been able to share our experiences with the world without the expertise and compassion they showed."

"The team shot from their heart and the emotion comes through all they have done for us.  For all of our brave divers and all who came to help and volunteer their time.. LifeWaters extends a heartfelt thank you to Liquid Motion". 

"You have been able to impact lives in ways that will last a lifetime"...... MORE

Charley Wright isthe Leader and Founder of LIFEWATERS, founded in Arizona in 1999, built on love, dedication and his dream to change the lives of traumatically injuried and handicap vets.




Liquid Motion Endorsement
Tim & Robin Kirkpatrick

"We learned more about videography in the past week, than we have in the last 10 years! The Filmmaker course is about so much more than just the technical side. Guy is a true artist. He teaches the difference between video footage and an actual film. The course was also a treasure trove of information about underwater marine life behavior.  Not only are you exposed to a unique cinematographic thought processes, you also learn how to approach the underwater world, and then, you learn how to tell the story".

"Guy has taken my video production to a level far beyond what we ever previously imagined we could reach.  He opens up one’s mind to the endless possibilities of turning vide’oing into filmmaking".... MORE

Retired Financier Director of Bond Finance andware Developer, Tim & Robin Kirkpatrick have been diving all over the world since 1981, with almost 2,000 dives between them.  Tim has been shooting stills for 20 years and video for 10 years.




Liquid Motion Endorsement

Bob & Maureen Hudak

"I unequivocally recommend the Photo Programs and services as a complete, professional and exceptional learning experience
. My personal teacher and guide offered a wealth of knowledge, on-going coaching during photo shoots and finding the perfect locations for subjects I had hoped to see.  The delightful dives were followed by equally enjoyable sessions with critiquing my photos and creatively exploring the potential expression from each shot.  I marveled at the “learned eye” he was able to provide on good and bad shots.  The photo enhancement sessions were then expertly supplemented by Guy, the world-renowned underwater filmmaker and inspiration behind the program...

Bob Hudak from New Jersey, USA is Managing Director of a large investment bank. Maureen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist operating her own private practice. 




Steve Cohen

“I learnt more in 9 days than I have ever learned by myself in 50 years - and I did not even have to read a manual!.

The opportunity to learn what I did with the people I did made the trip a once in a life time event”....

Sole owner of a highly successful global business, Steve’s companies employ hundreds of people worldwide, enjoy a 70% market share in America, and sell all over the world. First certified as a diver in 1974, Steve travels a lot and has dove the finest places in the world, including the Caymans, where he has property, Seychelles, all over the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, Baja and Morocco.




Liquid Motion endorsement

Enoka and Shivantha

"The Fish Behaviour course was incredibly interesting -
we are both into big action diving and for this course, we learnt there would be static diving, where you spend extended periods of time in one location observing marine life. However,... we were both incredibly surprised - we did not realise what the fish were really up to until after the class! It truly opened our eyes! A huge thank you to Vanessa and Guy who are wonderful instructors who genuinely love to teach what they know best”....

Enoka and Shivantha are from Sri Lanka. They have been diving since 2004 and travel to fantastic dive locations such as Palau, Sipadan, Malaysia, Raja Ampat, Similan Islands, The Philipines , Maldives and Wakatobi.




"Working with LM was a thrilling ride, which altered my perceptions of what I thought possible”
(Colin Myers)

“LMA revived my passion and enhanced my awareness of the world around me. Now, thanks to them, i see photo opportunities everywhere i look”
(Hugh Levin)

"The combined decades of real world experience creates a practical and powerful learning crucible for the aspiring underwater cameramen and working professional alike. You learn more than just underwater camera technique, but how to succeed in the industry. Think "Tailored Master Class": One-on-one training in the tropical blue Cozumel Marine Park.."
(John Ellerbrook, Gates)