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Phil Southerland Liquid Motion Academy

PHIL SOUTHERLAND is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
at Team Novo Nordisk
and the Founder and President of Team Type 1

He is also a Board member of the type 1 diabetes charity JDRF and a faculty member of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Young Leader Program, International Diabetes Center (IDC) Rising Star Program and the International Forum for the Advancement of Diabetes Research and Care. He is Director of Health Care Policy, Planning and Patient Advocacy, WHO Collaborating Center, International Diabetes Center and Mayo Clinic.




Team Novo Nordisk Liquid Motion

Phil Southerland, CEO Team Novo Nordisk
with Presidente Fredy Maruffo



 El Presidente Fredy Marrufo and Cozumel Tourism held a press conference welcoming Team Novo Nordisk to Mexico.

Team Novo Nordisk are a global all-diabetes sports team of cyclists, triathletes and runners, spearheaded by the world’s first ‘all-diabetes’ Professional Cycling Team.

With nearly 100 athletes from over 20 countries, the team has competed in more than 500 global events this year alone. Liquid Motion Academy was chosen, to cover their events.


"The Liquid Motion Academy team was unbelievable to work with.  Besides delivering an amazing finished product, they were a true joy to work with, and had an amazing team, who worked in sync to capture the best moments for Team Novo Nordisk.  Our company will gladly work with them again, and would highly recommend their professional services to anyone looking for amazing photography/video for any purpose.  Whether it is sport, parties, or time with family, I know they will give you the very best of memories."

Team Novo Nordisk's mission - to inspire, educate and empower people with diabetes and to raise awareness and hope for those who live with diabetes in the local communities. The message - you can pursue your dreams and strive for an active live with diabetes.

Phil Southerland,


Team Novo Nordisk Liquid MotionTeam Novo Nordisk Liquid MotionTeam Novo Nordisk Liquid MotionTeam Novo Nordisk Liquid MotionTeam Novo Nordisk Liquid Motion