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TIM & ROBIN KIRKPATRICK's Filmmaker course - and their film!! from Liquid Motion on Vimeo.

"Our experience can only be described as outstanding and far exceeded our expectations. It wasn’t until we talked to Guy Chaumette that we found out about his Filmmaker Course.  This is probably our only regret, because advanced preparation would have been helpful. The course is packed with information about getting the most out of video footage.  Tim has boxes of video that he has shot over the years, but Guy made us realize that it’s not just about the shots you get, but the story you tell.

After learning about Guy’s film making experience, we knew he was going to be an expert with the software and the organization of video, and he did not disappoint.  This course drastically speeds up the learning curve and covers a vast amount of information. We learned more about videography in the past week, than we have in the last 10 years.

But the course is about so much more than just the technical side. Guy is a true artist. He teaches the difference between video footage and an actual film. He is a treasure trove of information about underwater marine life behavior.  Not only are you exposed to his thought processes on how to approach the underwater world, but you learn how to tell the story.  It’s all about the story. 

Guy has taken video production to a level far beyond what we previously imagined we could reach.  He opens up one’s mind to the endless possibilities of turning vide’oing into filmmaking.   
Besides the learning and the work, he is quite the character.  We found him very entertaining and can’t recommend the course enough.  Our only tip would be to start the course as early as possible during so that you get to spend as much time learning from Guy as possible.  His creativity is simply remarkable!

Thanks for making this the trip of our dreams!


Liquid Motion Endorsement

Tim and Robin Kirkpatrick, Atlanta, Georgia
A retired Financier, Tim was Director of Bond Finance at the Georgia Housing & Finance Authority; Robin is a Software Developer. They have been diving all over the world since 1981, with almost 2,000 dives between them.  Tim has been shooting stills for 20 years and video for 10 years.